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Hi! I’m Catrina.  I am a too analytical, door-holding, garden-obsessed, food-loving, sarcastic agricultural genius in training who avoids confrontation at most costs and usually gets along better with dogs and cats than people as my social skills are somewhat…lacking, but I am working on it (sort of).  My current geographical location is Berlin, Germany, but my heart and life values come from a Podunk town in Central New York where I lived before enjoying the charming, ever-evolving ghettos in both Syracuse and Troy, New York. The transition  has and will continue to be exciting, complicated, chaotic, fun and oftentimes insanely trying.   

I am currently in my last year of a master’s degree in natural resource management at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin where I will complete a master’s thesis on either an analysis of biomass as a natural resource or the biochemical relationship between specific types of plants in order to use natural relationships to improve production.  I work at the Technische Universität Berlin on the Open-bio and CRISP projects as a research assistant. In my freetime, I write two blogs, review burger joints in Berlin, work in the garden, try to develop a revolutionary growing system for urban environments, eat too much, sleep too little, cry more than a normal person should, laugh out loud when I probably shouldn’t and wonder if I will ever see my beloved cats Harry and Jurgis again.

My main goals in life are to: a) be really happy which will hopefully calm my turbulent soul, b) not end up with a job that I hate and c) start a multi-faceted horticultural education center.  Oh, and be the individual who delivers the practical solution to feeding the world’s burgeoning urban populations, of course.  My tertiary goals are growing a bad@ss garden, being healthy, cooking amazing food, owning two brother cats and two sister dogs, being loved and loving deeply, seeing lots of beautiful places and accepting bounded rationality as the root cause of many of the world’s problems.  

This blog serves as a manifestation of my efforts to reach these goals.  Please, join me on this outstanding journey here at A Garden Gone Wild where you can find interesting information about gardening, tasty recipes, candid storytelling and a little bit of citizen science.   I appreciate you stopping by and hope that you have a happy day during which you show the kindness to the world that you wish would be shown upon to you.

Sending good thoughts your way,



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