fine bagels, berlin (place to eat)

Somebody stole my bike basket last night. I didn’t even realize it until I purchased bagels for breakfast and went to put them in my bike’s equivalent of a trunk and there was no trunk to be found. Major bummer. Luckily, I had these bagels to console me (all three of them!). They were delicious, just the right amount of chewy and soft, and this really surprised me. Why? Food in Berlin is rarely impressive (sadly). Something just always seems to be a little off. But, not these bagels from Fine Bagels. No, these bagels were just what I needed and wanted, all for the low price of 1 Euro a pop. What a deal. I know that they also offer a whole bunch of other stuff (cake, toppings for bagels, caffeinated beverages, etc.), but I have not tried them as I just wanted these luscious rings of boiled and baked carbohydrates to take home and enjoy in bed (yay, Sunday!). But, if those other items for sale taste as good as their bagels, they’re great. So, check this place out if you happen to be in Berlin – they not only sell authentic Jewish-style bagels, but they are also are located on Warschauer in Friedrichshain (meaning you can go to the market on Boxi afterwards), have free wifi and sell English-language books = a winning combination.





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