1/3 wheat pizza dough (recipe)

There are literally millions of pizza dough recipes on the internet. Everyone has their personal preference, which I find great.  Why? Because it gives us inspiration, provides an opportunity to share something that pleases the palate and connects us through food. Something special in any given recipe can answer a long-wondered-about question or it could mean that we just don’t have to think too much about what we are making, because someone already did the legwork for us. It may even give us an ego boost if enough people “like” that which we put out in the world, because after all, we ourselves are only one of those million+ recipes in the world.  

This pizza dough is just another contribution to the world-wide collection of pizza crusts (on the internet). That being said, it also tastes great, holds up well to travel, is easy to work with and has a great crunch.  In the mood to try something a smidge less than traditional, try: italian veggie mini pizzas or personal veggie pizzas with egg.

Ingredients (makes 1 pizza crust or 4 mini pizza crusts)

100 grams whole wheat flour
200 grams AP flour
2 TBSP oil + more for your bowl
1 TBSP sugar
5 grams fresh yeast (for a conversion use this converter)
5 grams salt
½ – 1 cup warm water

Since this recipe calls for fresh yeast (which may not be available in the US), there are two methods for preparing the dough.

If using fresh yeast:

Step 1a: Combine the sugar, oil, yeast, salt and both flours

Mix thoroughly.

Step 2a: Add the water

Start with ½ cup and add additional water slowly.  The dough should just come together.

If using active dry/instant yeast:

Step 1b: Mix the yeast, sugar and warm water (½ cup) in a bowl and all the yeast to proof

The water and yeast mixture will be foamy and bubbly.

Step 2b: Incorporate the remaining ingredients

If the mixture is too dry, add water slowly until the dough just pulls together.

Step 3:  Knead the dough 

From this point on, the recipes are the same.

Make sure that it is smooth and all the ingredients are well-incorporated.

Step 4:  Place the dough in a well-oiled bowl and allow to rise until doubled

This will depend on the temperature and humidity level.

Step 5:  Preheat the oven to 400 F / 200 C

Step 6:  Punch the dough down and form into your desired shape

This recipe makes 4 mini pizza crusts or 1 medium-large pizza crust.  

Step 7:  Top as desired and bake until gold brown

The baking time will depend on your toppings and pizza shape.

1_3 whole wheat pizza dough 2



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