welcome to spreewald

Greetings everyone!  

I thought that it might be nice to introduce you all to the garden in Spreewald, so you would have a little background info about this garden that I keep talking about.  The parcel is 231 m2 (a really nice size for this point in time when my schedule is so erratic) and has a little bungalow about 5 x 5 (not including the “porch”).  At this point in time, it doesn’t look like much, but most of the essential things are taken care of, i.e. the electricity works and the roof doesn’t leak, which is much more important than appearance.  The next steps will be getting a new water pump (so the toilet functions) and removing almost everything from inside.
  spreewald bungalow

The space is located (literally) in the middle of a corn field, making the bike ride there quite enjoyable and beautiful.  

road to garden spreewald

From how I understand it, the garden, which was rumored to be formerly quite nice, was sold to a fella two years ago and he had aspirations of turning the whole space into a lawn. Based on the current state of the garden, he did not realize just how much time and effort the upkeep would require.  Now everything is overgrown and the bungalow is a bit…sticky. Fortunately, I revel in a good challenge and know the end will justify the means.

spreewald garden

This particular garden is a part of a Garten Verein (meaning “Garden Club”).  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of these clubs throughout Germany and they offer people the opportunity to have a little bit of “green” in their life for a very nominal price.  It is a really beautiful thing  – if you can find one in a decent location (something that is not easy). As such, I was super excited to get a garden located so close to Spreewald and only a 50 minute ride with the train (I know that sounds like a lot, but it takes an hour to ride from one side of Berlin to the other).  This particular club has approximately 65 gardens, which is a medium sized colony.  Most of the people there are retirees, but there are few people with kids scattered about.  I have yet to see anyone in my living situation out and about.  

garden walkway spreewald

From my two visits to the garden thus far, I have come to the following conclusion about this particular Verein: it is more or less a trailer park with nice gardens and houses that are not on wheels.  This will prove interesting and certainly funny.  It is without a doubt entertaining to see some German rednecks (the non-retirees).  And in all honesty, the people  I have met all seem to be really friendly and quick to help out when needed (like when practically the whole neighborhood joined in the effort to fix the irrigation piping!), as well as more than happy to enjoy a few beers – not that there is anything wrong with that. When it comes down to it, I am just relieved to have a space where I can grow my vegetables and flowers (and maybe even grow some fruits someday, too!).

In the future, when everything comes together, the garden will have raised beds, a nice walkway and a patio for barbecuing and hanging out.  This will take awhile, but it is always good to have something to look forward to and to work towards.

spreewald bungalow front

With that, I will say thank you for taking the time to check out the new garden in Spreewald. Please, stay tuned for these and many more gardening adventures by following A Garden Gone Wild.

Wishing you the best,



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