comfort food

Fried chicken and onion rings are not health foods.  In fact, they are the polar opposite, but sometimes we need just a few culinary indulgences, especially when life keeps throwing lemons in your face.  There are no tasty fried chicken places in Berlin (that I know of), so I had to make it myself.

First, I soaked the chicken in milk (just regular, I did not have buttermilk) seasoned with chili powder, garlic, pepper, salt and oregano.


Then I double battered them in a mixture of cornmeal and bread crumbs seasoned with the same seasonings I used for the soak.


Then I fried those suckers over medium heat until they were golden brown.  I usually bake everything, so this was a real treat.


And voila.  Fresh and crispy chicken tenders.


And what would chicken tenders be without some onion rings.  Still delicious, but I had extra breading, so I decided to go the whole nine yards.  Glad I did.

WP_20150427_17_30_45_Pro WP_20150427_17_38_41_Pro


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